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Given below are some of the reflections and testimonials shared by various individuals.It is very important for us, not just to reaffirm our faith in what we do, but also to learn and build upon what is right, and improve upon whatever we need to.

Bikas Ghosh

Clean Now For 5 Years

Underwent a treatment from this organisation, has completely changed my life. I will be always greatfull to Spirit Foundation.

Raju Pramanik

Clean Now For 4 Years

Hats off to their practical method of treatment with highly professional experts. Thanks to Spirit Foundation for giving me a new life.

Tanmoy Das

Clean Now For 2 Years

Thanks for enlighten my life and showing me the right path. Thanks to the whole team.

Aditi Das

Clean Now For 3 Years

This is best place one can ever start thinking of changing their miserable lives. Thanks to the team.

Debarati Saha

Clean Now For 4 Years

Scientific treatment process with a homely environment which helped me to quit addiction. Thanks for your support.

Suomi Das

Clean Now For 2 Years

Never thought i could make this far in my journey of recovery. Thanks for your constant support.

Ruma Sen

Clean Now For 3 Years

Thanks for helping and showing me the benefits of a drug free life. 

Pritah Guha

Clean Now For 2 Years

I never thought that my life will change and i will step into recovery. Thanks a lot Spirit Foundation.

Poulami Ghosh

Clean Now For 1 Year

I feel healthy, strong and positive. Thanks for giving my life back. Lots of love to the team.

Jyoti Dasgupta

Clean Now For 2 Years

The best suited rehab with a homely environment. Thanks for guiding me in my difficult time.